Introducing Praxis Projects
The construction of a new society is never an individual’s project. From the debates of the Athenian Agora to the dialectics of the 18th century, would-be state builders have always found successes in the greatness of collaboration. It’s through this process that men were able to refine their collective vision into something tangible and cohesive. Praxis must do the same. Wielding together the minds of today’s greatest thinkers, we’re able to construct the flagship metropolis of the 21st century.

October 4, 2022
Praxis Projects are discrete engagements that will serve materially important functions in the development of our first city. As fractal constructs, interacting directly with the physical, digital, and spiritual worlds, cities are domains for people from all walks of life.
Our Projects will harness the talents of those pioneers who understand our mission, and help fill out these fractal worlds.
All Praxis Projects are open to Praxis members, while some select projects are open to non-members as well. Projects have been designed to allow the Praxis community to help build the city they will live in. Winning projects will be used as the basis for the development of various domains of the city, from the built environment to the cultural experiences.
Details of the Praxis Projects:

• Praxis will periodically announce new Projects, covering domains from architecture to statecraft, and cybernetics to culture.

• Once a Project is announced, members and eligible non-members will be able to form teams and apply for projects on each project page, and will attend check-in sessions with members of the Praxis Community Team, as specified in the requirements for each project.

• Upon the conclusion of a Project, winners will be selected by stated criteria and informed of any relevant rewards. Additionally, winning project submissions will be recognized and publicized by Praxis.

• Winners will continue to be featured on the Projects page, and the Praxis community will connect them with resources to help further realize their vision.

• Praxis reserves usage rights to publicize all projects, but project teams reserve commercialization rights, and Praxis will assist in commercialization if the team so desires.

• The Praxis Team will continue to work with winning teams over time to incorporate their submissions into city development plans.
For those who possess the pioneer spirit, the Praxis Projects offer a chance to etch one’s name into the fabric of the coming metropolis. Apply for one of the Praxis projects here if you are destined to join us at the frontier. Together, we’re going to build a city.